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Balkan Jewels Tour

Not so long ago the Balkans have been considered the unstable region of Europe, but thankfully it has been 20 years, and now real conflicts are thing of the past, which means that for almost a decade people from all around the world have been discovering the hidden cultural, natural, and real life beauties of the Balkan Peninsula. Of course, during this tour it will be impossible not to mention the exquisite Balkan cuisine.

The tour starts in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and takes you all around the Balkans. During this tour some of the best highlights include:

Ljubljana – A Slovenian capital set under the mountains, with Ljubljanski Grad overlooking the city, our start is beautiful, cozy and you will think you are in Switzerland or Austria rather than in Slovenian capital, unless you dig a bit deeper
Dubrovnik – one of the best jewels of the Adriatic region and one of the most fascinating old towns in the world. Also did we mention that the King’s Landing from Game of Thrones is actually Dubrovnik?
Sarajevo – an only Olympic city in former Yugoslavia, a mixture of cultures rarely seen before, with food so delicious that the time stops
Mostar – the city on the river of Neretva, with one of the most beautiful inland old towns, and unique spirit
Mehmed Pasa Bridge – located near Visegrad, this bridge has been built in 13th century by Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic and it is under protection of UNESCO
Studenica Monostery – located in Serbia, one of the most beautiful heritages from the Nemanjic dynasty that has ruled Serbia in the Middle Ages
Belgrade – the capital of Serbia, the city where West truly meets the East, the clash of cultures, one of the best nightlife in Europe, hospitality rarely seen before, a true metropolis of the Eastern Europe, called the Berlin of the Balkans
Visoki Decani Monestery – Located on Kosovo, this is the largest church constructed in the middle ages, and it is under protection of Unesco
Ohrid Lake – A true Macedonian jewel, prime tourist destination in Macedonia, you will be amazed by its beauty, hospitality of its people, and the cultural heritage of the Ohrid Lake Town.

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