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Construction of the first floating city in the world: This is how it will look

Ambitious plans for building a city in the middle of the sea with houses, offices and restaurants are starting to be realized.

The idea of building self-sustaining, autonomous cities in international waters is now a step closer to reality.

A pilot project that began in French Polynesia will be the first “floating community” and it’s planned to be completed by 2020. This city will be able to accommodate 300 people.

Joe Quirk, president of the The Seasteading Institute, spoke in a recent interview about his plans for cities in the ocean that would be exempted from restrictions by world governments.

“If you could have a floating city, it would already be a state in the making,” Quirk said, highlighting his disappointment with current governments that do not get better, but have been stuck in the past.

He sees his project as a way to avoid this system.

“We can create different governments for different people,” he added.

For now they are ready to cooperate with existing governments in order to create a “semi-autonomous floating Venice in paradise”.

This floating city will be located in a “special economic zone”, enabling the institute to implement some of its ideas in a relatively controlled area.

Engineers and architects visited the site where the $167 million project will be built.

The team has made an agreement with the government to create a “single management system” in the “batch” of ocean on which the project is set to begin.

“By 2050, I want to see floating cities, thousands of them, I hope,” Quirk says.

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