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Emirates aren’t only Dubai or Abu Dhabi: Less Known UAE destinations

Speaking of the United Arab Emirates, we mainly talk about Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are among the most popular among tourists. The luxury and security that prevails in this country is attracting more and more tourists from all over the world, and the ideal combination of traditional values ​​and fascinating modern architecture make Emirate a desirable destination.

Although it borders Saudi Arabia in the west and Oman East, the mentality of the people of the UAE is very different and more open to the west, so this country is considered the golden link between the East and the West. The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fuheira, Ras al-Hajma, Sharjah and Um el Kajven. They are all located on the southeast coast of the Bay, except for Fujierah, which goes to the sea on the coast of the Oman Bay.

It is interesting that the greater part of the country is a Sandstone desert with mountains in the northeast with the highest peak Jibir (1,527m). Along the coast stretches the salt plains under the name sabka, and in the huts of northeastern emirates grows urme, while vegetation is stationed mainly around big cities in order to maintain it easier.

UAE has 6.5 million inhabitants, of which only 25 percent are citizens while the rest of foreign workers are attracted by oil wealth.

Sites you must see in UAE:

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates and the most populous city, known as Menhentn Middle East. Visit the port of Jebel Ali, ride along the desert landscape, admire the Al Husn palace from 1793, visit the Seyed mosque, as well as city markets and modern architecture.

Dubai is not just a metropolis where everything is about money and money. For example, the Dubai Museum is located in the 150-year-old Al Fahidi fort where you can learn about the development of trade and various ancient crafts. In the part of the city of Dira you can see modern skyscrapers, as well as colorful bazaars (skirts) where you will find at very reasonable prices of spices and gold. There is also the tallest building in the world of Dubai Tower.

If you are a fan of skiing near the hotel Bourges al Arab there is the first indoor ski resort in the world, and when you finish skiing, you can ride with red sand dunes in safari jeeps.
While you are in UAE, visit also one of the biggest tourist attractions of Al Jazeera Couple in Sharjah. The park was built as a recreation area not only for local people but also for tourists. It covers an area of ​​411,000 square meters and consists of 21 parks and 12 gardens. Ideal place for family day!

By driving through the desert you will reach the incredible Hadžar mountains that represent the true wild heart of the Emirate. A creepy serpentine ride with an incredible landscape brings you to several small villages, and nature lovers will have plenty to do here.

In Sharjah, there is one of the most important Art Museum in the world that stores a wide variety of art collections throughout the country. Apart from the work of Arabic artists, there are also important pieces of European who were specializing in the painting of the Arab world.

And all of you who love a good glimpse of the direction to Jebel Hafet, perfect for a one-day excursion from Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. The second highest peak in the UAE, and perhaps the best panorama in the desert across the country.

The Bastakiya district of Dubai is the only part of the old Dubai and you should not miss it. Before the clouders took over the city, this looked like old Dubai. Classical Arabic architecture with several museums now in former houses.

Bastakia / thinkstock

Only 35 kilometers north of Fujairah is the oldest mosque in UAE and one of the historically most important places. Although modest in proportions, and archaeologists have found many artifacts right here and sheltered them safely. That’s why the tour of this mosque is ideal for all history lovers, especially when you see the contrast between this and the mosque of Sheik Zayed.

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