Forgotten Country: A place with the lowest number of tourists in the world

Norh of Fiji there is an untouched oases with only one hotel and excellent food.

Tuvalu is an ideal destination for those that like to avoid well settled roads of mass tourism. The state that spans over nine islands which size is only 26 square kilometers is visited by around 2000 people each year.

It is located north of Fiji, halfway between Hawaii and Australia, which complicates travel to this country.

After long flight over the Pacific you will reach the islands filled with palm trees, and the biggest among them is Fongafale which has size of 2.8 square kilometers. The tourists arrive to Tuvalu by airlines, and they look for accommodation on one hotel on the island, one motel or private family accommodation.

The food is cheap and the restaurants are serving island and Chinese specialties.

The offer depends on the goods that arrive by ship. Between the islands there are no flights, but there are daily visits by ship according to the wishes of the guests, these trips include diving. If you decide to visit Tuvalu, you can go out at night to one of the three night clubs that are open three days a week.

If you would like to visit this hidden paradise in the Pacific you will have to hurry, because it is featured on the list of the most endangered islands which due to climate change could actually disappear in the near future.

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