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Have you ever heard about Marijuana Tourism?

While traveling around the world, it can be a lot of fun to do things that might be considered illegal in your home country.  For years, people have traveled to Amsterdam to experience the best cannabis that Europe has to offer.  Every year over 5 million tourists visit Amsterdam.  Roughly one in four of them visit cannabis coffee shops to purchase and use cannabis in a safe and friendly environment.  Cannabis coffee shops abound with samples of hash and flowers, classes in rolling joints; even joint rolling competitions!  Like “bar or pub crawls” in the United States, Coffee Shop Crawls allow cannabis enthusiasts the opportunity to visit many kinds of Coffee Shops and taste test a variety of local flavours, all in the same trip!  Smoke friendly bars offer tea or coffee for those who don’t drink alcohol and edibles are available for personal, worry free consumption!  Tours even include a trip to the Cannabis College, where groups of tourists examine plant specimens and learn to distinguish between male and female plants.

In the United States, companies are also offering similar tours for cannabis users.  In Denver, Colorado Sushi, Sake and Joint Rolling classes are available, as are classes in cooking with cannabis, marijuana concentrates tours, marijuana friendly hotel rooms, grow and dispensary tours.  Even V.I.P. tours are available for those with the money and desire to see behind the scenes of this fast-growing industry.  Dope-smoking ski buffs can ride to the slopes in weed-friendly charter S.U.V.s, and arriving potheads can schedule pickups from the airport through dedicated livery services like THC Limo. There are stoner painting classes, stoner mountain treks and stoner chefs who will cook you a four-course marijuana dinner. Visitors can avail themselves of mobile apps like Leafly and Weedmaps to track down nearby vendors or book their bud-and-breakfasts through websites like TravelTHC.

Talk about a kick ass vacation!  But what do you do when you don’t live in the United States, and travelling to Amsterdam is out of your price range?

Although Amsterdam is arguably world famous as the cannabis capital of the world, many people are now visiting Canada to consume cannabis in a safe and unrestricted manner.  Canada, being a liberal country, with a forward-looking view of cannabis will be legalizing cannabis for recreational use in July 2018.  With 12.7% of the population already using cannabis, this will be a boon to the marijuana industry, which already exists for medical purposes.  Vancouver, Canada is home to several cannabis related business, including several grow sites and dispensaries.  There are several places where you can buy marijuana online – Green Panther being an example where all you need to be is 19 years or older and you can order cannabis and related products.  With the legalization of cannabis in Canada coming next year, Vancouver may very well be poised to become the “New Amsterdam”.

Green Panther Dispensary in Vancouver, Canada, a licensed grower of medical marijuana is now allowing people to tour its facilities and sample its wares. Hippie, stoner, and pothead are all negative stereotypes of ganja smokers that aren’t part of the marijuana culture in Canada. Get an insight into the cannabis culture and ganja scene in Vancouver on a 2 or 3-hour guided tour.

Take an in-depth look into the world of Canadian cannabis, some of the finest on Earth.  Learn about its legalization and history, and discover a dispensary that sells the highest quality ganja, without getting on an airplane!

Highlights of Green Panthers Canna-Tour:

  • Introduce and educate yourself about the world of cannabis in Vancouver, great for beginners!
  • Learn how to roll your own joints with a knowledgeable instructor.
  • Visit a state of the art grow facility and meet the Master Grower in charge.
  • Learn how to cook with cannabis from a Master chef.
  • Sample flowers of the world’s most potent cannabis strains.
  • Sample cannabis snacks and treats for free on your guided tour!

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