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Planning a trip to USA? Here Are Some Interesting Things To Discover

Even though this post is tailored towards first time visitors to the US, this could also be interesting to the people who have already visited the states as this there are some hidden stuff in this list that they may not yet have discovered.

Easy Access to National Parks

Rangers of the national parks in US, hand out information for free, and are always on the duty to help out. But the best thing about US national parks is that access to the most beautiful sights and viewpoints is quite easy. Regular folk and beginner hikers can easily reach all the sights and viewpoints with minimum effort. This is a great thing because you will be able to experience the breathtaking nature scenery even if you are not professional hiker or climber.

Best Craft Beer

United States are famous for its craft beer scene.Not so long ago, the bars have really lived a transformation and now finally you can have the best crafted beer in the world in most US bars. The bars have finally gave up serving only Budweiser or Miller Lite, and thus now they offer wide array of choices, which makes every beer lover happy to enter a bar in the middle of US.

Did you know you can turn right even when the traffic light is red?

Neither did we, but for some reason US citizens don’t like roundabouts, and due to heavy amount of four way junctions, people are allowed to turn right even when the traffic light is red. Of course the drivers can only do this if it is safe to do so, so the red light actually becomes more of a stop sign. Only in NYC this rule isn’t in motion.

Shower gel isn’t something the US hotels like

Hotels in the United States for some reason don’t like shower gel. For some unknown and mysterious reason (perhaps income oriented) even the high end hotels have only a bar of soap for showering.

US motels are actually perfectly fine

Hollywood likes to show off US motels as sleazy locations where usually runaway criminals, prostitutes and drug dealers are located, but in reality US motels are more then decent. US motels have a really solid standard and are quite fine for staying a few nights.

Not having a quarter?

Well too bad, in a country where you can pay for everything with a credit card, you cannot feed a parking meter or pay for your laundry unless you have a quarter, and it is hard to come by quarters when you pay for everything with a credit card.

Pickles are a must

In most cases regardless of the type of the food you ordered chances are that in 70% of cases there will be a pickled gherkin in the food or on the side, even if you haven’t asked for any pickles, and often even if you specify not to have it they will bring it anyway.


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