Simple Guide On How To Book The Cheapest Flight?

29 year old Jack Sheldon from Texas, but originally from UK,  the founder of the website Jack’s Flight Club has discovered for the Independent readers a few ways to book the cheapest airfares.

A man from the who flew from UK to Belize for only 20 EUR gives a following advice:

Avoid Direct Bookings

Even though it is the easiest to book a flight via official website of the airline, the cheapest offers are actually located on the sites of many travel agencies.

Have plenty of time for search

Most people due to work and other stuff doesn’t have too much time in browsing offers which is a huge mistake. The best offers usually aren’t the most obvious ones, so that for a cheap ticket you will have to put some sweat on.

The Time of The Ticket Booking is Extremely Important

Never buy a flight ticket in the peak of the season. January and February are the best months to plan vacation, while summer is the best time for buying tickets for travels and flights planned around Christmas and New Year’s.

Ignore The Myths

In the last few years there were rumors that airlines are following your internet search, and each time you access their website they automatically increase the prices of flights. However, that is complete nonsense. Deleting of cookies won’t help, as well as buying tickets on certain days or during the announcement of flight times. The myth is also that buying tickets at last minute is the most expensive, for example the airline Tomson has recently had a last minute offer for return flight to Dominican Republic for only 310 EUR.

Be Quick On The Trigger (keyboard)

If you stumble upon an error at some website or you see some of the special offers, don’t hesitate to much because those opportunities last from few hours up to few days. Also don’t hesitate from booking if there is some form of error on the airline’s website, because the airline has to refund the money in case your booking hasn’t gone through.

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