Top 5 Affordable Flights & Trip Booking Websites

Going on a small vacation doesn’t have to cost much. That’s why we have compiled an awesome list of The Top 5 Affordable Trip Booking Websites. The list has been compiled in no particular order.


Hipmunk is a website that has made searching for flights a not so hard job. After the initial features for flights, they have added tons of new features which help you book other stuff during your trip such as offering hotel deals that are in proximity of your travel destinations along with the notifications for fare changes, which allow you to get the best deal and grab those price drops.


Skyscanner is as it names pretty much explains search enigne for flights, but next to flights it also offers hotel bookings and rental cars. This site is really simple, and doesn’t offer some complex features, but if you have a need to find cheapest flights and especially if you need to find connecting flights and other combinations for flights, Skyscanner has proven to be the best solution.

Google Flights

Google Flights offers more than it meats the eye. It allows plenty of options, including search for multi trip tickets, and the ability to choose your best matching airline network, as well to pick flights that match specific take-off times. Google Flights engine goes so far that even allows you to choose how many stops you can handle.

Next to offering these features, Google Flights offers additional details and filters you can choose varying from ticket classes, to choosing your budget, and even legroom, WiFi, TV on flight and more. The best thing about Google Flights is that it always puts the best possible matches on top, and it does that really effectively.


Skiplagged is a bit of a different type of flight booking website, which instead of offering you to search for direct flights it allows you to browse flights that are headed towards different destination than yours, but make a stop or do a layover on the destination you need. This is a great choice if you plan on to hop somewhere for a bargain price, the only downside is that you cannot check your luggage, but if you can go and enjoy your desired destination with a 15 kg cabin suitcase, we don’t see any reason why not to enjoy these bargain prices.

ITA Matrix

Even though it has been acquired by Google and it’s engine actually powers Google Flights, this service still operates independently, and it is stil a first choice for many passengers who are looking for a tool that can give them the highest possible amount of features. ITA Matrix does only has a focus on flights, but it offers so many features including cost per mile, add or restrict stops, advanced routing codes and more.

ITA Matrix may not be simple tool, but when it comes to power and the amount of features it can offer, the competition is pretty scarce, and the best thing is that after acquisition from Google it still runs as an independent project and none of its users and fans have been let down.

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