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What To Do In NYC In 2017?

What to do in NYC?

New York City is the place where everything begins and where everything ends. Let’s together walk around the city. The first thing you should to when you come to the city is check for good apartments in New York, and then once you find a good apartment you should ask the owners or neighbors where you can get a city map and the map of metro lines, everything else goes smoothly from then on.

1. Be up to date.

The official page for happenings in New York is NYC GO.

2. A view from above!

You can choose from two most attractive locations: Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center. Rockefeller Center is also called Top of the Rock, and according to us it is a much better choice, because it gives you a stunning view to whole Central Park. On the other hand, Empire State Build allegedly offers you to pay extra to reach the 102nd floor, where the crowd is much smaller and the atmosphere is more intimate. Our recommendation is to go there just before the sunset, because that way you will be able to see how the city looks like both during the day and during the night. Be sure to buy tickets online in order to avoid lines on the box offices at the entrance.

3. Parks!

Central Park has two bigger and three smaller lakes as well as many monuments. Find the plan park and spend a few hours in it. Bryant Park is also nice and it is located in the heart of Manhattan. There is also a Riverside park, where you can see a great view of New Jersey.

Very beautiful park is also Brooklyn Bridge Park which is located in Brooklyn, just under the Brookly Bridge, and from there you will probably see the best view of Manhattan Skyline.

Another great view of the skyline is from the ferry that sails towards the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island.

4. City locations!

The most famous is Times Square and then close by there is Port Authority Bus Terminal and mentioned Bryant Park. Also Grand Central Terminal, a place of frequent movie scenes, then Columbus Circle, which is near the entrance to the Central Park. Be sure to check Greenwich Village, Hells Kitchen, Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, Tribeca, and SOHO (SOuth of HOuston Street.

5. Bridges!

The most famous of all bridges is Brooklyn Bridge. It has a pedestrian path and bike path. Also you should check Manhattan Bridge which has a really nice passage.

6. Museums.

We doubt that from all the things you will be visiting in New York, museums will be a priority, however be sure that some of the most beautiful collections and exhibits in the world are held in this city. There is a huge choice in front of you, so follow it with you gut and interests. The most famous museums are Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History and Museum of Modern Art.

7. 9/11 Memorial.

Visit a memorial that has been built on the place where once the World Trade Center, former symbol of New York was. Once you are there, check out the new World Trade Center.

8. Beaches!

The most famous beach is Coney Island located in Brooklyn. Perhaps one of the rare beaches in the United States that is rich in activities and leisure.

9. Theme Park – Six Flags!

It is not located on Manhattan, but it will only take you around hour and a half to get there, and it is located around 70 miles from Manhattan in the New Jersey state. Pick up the prospects for Six Flags on airport, bus station or in tourist organization.

10. Nightlife!

This is the part when you will truly realize why everyone calls NYC the city that never sleeps. Thousands and thousands of clubs and bars are open all day and all night in the NYC. Be sure to check the clubs in all the areas we mentioned above including Greenwich Village, Hells Kitchen, Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, Tribeca, and SOHO. Some of the most famous clubs and bars are located in these neighborhoods, and there is a club or a bar to match every music and entertainment preference a person can have.

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